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Be Found. Stand Out. Grow.

We live in a digital world, meaning your business is operating in an intangible, fluid vacuum of numerous websites and uncountable competitors. But there is a way to stand out: Digital Marketing.

Gander is made up of professional, experienced digital gurus dedicated to improving our clients’ online presence through up-to-date methodology, and increasing lead conversions to lift your bottom line through innovative Web Design, SEO & Marketing strategies.

SEO is more than just building a website and entering keywords. We can manage your back-end code, front-end content, Pay Per Click campaigns, Social Media, and Email projects.

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Search Engine Optimisation & Marketing - More Intricate Than Ever

It’s important not to gloss over the importance of your online presence. Small, local businesses spend a lot of money every year in rental costs, on-site marketing, brochures – all of which are important – but without an effective online presence, and without showing up high on Google, a lot of that may be wasted.

  • Search Engine Optimisation for your site
  • Pay Per Click (Don’t waste money – do it smart)
  • Content Marketing (A buzzword in 21st Century marketing)
  • Social Media management (Connect and engage)
  • Email campaigns (Build on engagement & convert leads)
  • Brand Identity (tell your story)
  • Web Design & Management

Increase Visitors to Your Website

Google has made it clear that it is here to serve users, not businesses, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t given us hints as to how we can get our websites up the top of their SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Engage the Right Target Audience

You need to find the right audience – that means not only users who are seeking your services or products, but also those that are more likely to contact you or spend money once they find you.

Convert your Leads into Sales

We can do both the above and then follow it up by converting those leads into sales. SEO isn’t just a fancy word – it increases the money you make, grows your brand’s standings, and a domino effect is created through your online presence.
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What We Do

Through years of experience, we have a refined but flexible SEO methodology that is proven in its results, and exemplary in its research and knowledge. 

Generating More Sales

There is a theme that gets lost in the discussion between the SEO industry and SME/local business. It is the end goal of Search Engine Optimisation, of building an online presence, of analysing data: generating more sales.

Gander exists to grow your business and be directly responsible for making you more money. That is what we have focused on for years, and it is what we’re good at.

Earning the Service

The work we do for you does cost us more than time – we have state of the art research tools that allow for deep insights, and pay professionals in a number of fields to make sure what you need for your specific sector is what we deliver.

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You wouldn’t get a builder to fix your car. Should you leave marketing & optimisation of your business to anyone other than Gander?

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