What We Do

Through years of experience, we have a refined but flexible SEO methodology that is proven in its results, and exemplary in its research and knowledge. Our fluid and data-backed approach to our services means you don’t need to worry about a thing: we bring communication, dedication and, most importantly, results to the table.

Search Engine Optimisation

With Google having been on the scene for almost two decades, constantly refining and perfecting its algorithms, there are countless things to take notice of when it comes to the optimised set-up of your site. This includes not only appropriate content on the front end, but also the right kind of backlinks with appropriate context and page rank. On top of this, is your website optimised internally? Page-load speed and user experience both play important roles.

Pay-Per-Click Campaigns / Google AdWords

We’re a Google tools partner, which shows we understand what we’re talking about and know how to tailor AdWord and PPC campaigns to your sector, your audience and your aims. With SEO now a huge industry, PPC is an important part in modern business development online. It may not be right for you, but it may be, and it’s definitely an important discussion to have. There is also a lot more to do than simply choosing a keyword and setting a budget. Research must be done into the performance of certain phrases, how these interact with similar terms (think semantics) and how you can best make the most of this.

Content Marketing

It may seem counter intuitive to a diminished importance of keyword stuffing, but content marketing has for a few years now played a vital role in professional search engine optimisation practices. An online presence is critical, and good website traffic plays a big role in SERP rankings. But there’s more to content marketing than just writing. Research, tone of voice, and web push comes into play. With the right tools at our disposal, and professional writers on hand, we can take care of all content marketing needs for your business.

Social Media & Email Campaigns

On top of the critical role of content marketing comes the wider online presence. This is not only important for backlinks and the reputation of your site, it also allows Google to better understand your site’s context, meaning more appropriate SERP showings for your audience. After initially attracting leads however, you need to engage and convert them. Email campaigns remain a critical part of all effective online businesses, and we have the tools and experience available to help you make the most out of what is a big player in increasing online sales and revenue.

Analytics, Research & Data

Before, during and after SEO and associated campaigns, data is absolutely critical. Whilst you may have Google Analytics – and even if you have some understanding of it – we know how to use this intricate tool to its full ability. As well as this, we have a number of industry-specific research and forensic tools that you won’t have access to that allow us to gain deeper insight into your sector, your website, your audience and your needs. This also allows us to successfully represent what we’re achieving for your business, so it’s not left to guesswork.